The Different and Interesting Types of Ukuleles

More and more people are getting fascinated by the ukulele instrument. In our markets today, there are already a lot of ukulele types available. These numerous types have developed due to the growing number of beginners and experienced musicians alike who are starting to have a fondness for this instrument. These different types were also developed in order to accommodate interested buyers who come from different musical backgrounds and skill levels. The different types of ukulele can be mainly categorized into three groups: the standard ukulele, the hybrid ukuleles and different variations of the standard ukuleles.

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The Standard Ukuleles

The standard ukuleles are divided into four main kinds – the soprano ukulele, the concert ukulele, the tenor ukulele and the baritone ukulele. Among all of these, the most common and well-known is the soprano ukulele. It is also the smallest and its size makes it perfect for people who are interested in doing a lot of chord strumming and are interested in hearing the traditional ukulele sound. The concert ukulele is pretty similarly built to the soprano, but it is larger and has more frets. You will still be able to produce the traditional ukulele sound, but you will have more room on the fret board. The tenor is larger compared to the standard and concert ukuleles. It has a longer neck which allows more intricate strumming and playing. Due to its larger body, you will be able to produce a full and guitar-like sound. Lastly, the baritone ukulele is typically seen as more like a guitar rather than a ukulele. This is because it is usually tuned using linear tuning and its strings are also tuned similar to the tuning of the top 4 strings in a guitar. The baritone ukulele is roughly about 30 inches long and has more than 18 frets – depending on the model.

The Hybrid Ukuleles

The hybrid ukuleles are a mixture between a ukulele and another instrument such as a banjo or a bass guitar. Beforehand, these instruments were not possible to construct, but with the help of the advancement of our technology, and due to the creation of different synthetic materials, hybrid ukuleles have been developed. Hybrid ukuleles are not easy to find, even in music stores. However, the bass ukulele is pretty popular since it accurately covers the same range as that of a bass guitar. Due to this, it can be used as a practice bass – this means that a bass player can practice without using the full sized and heavy electric bass. Hybrids were engineered in order to create a different sound, feel or style to music. Samples of hybrid ukuleles include the bass ukulele, the harp ukulele, the banjo ukulele, the lap steel ukulele and the guitar ukulele.

The Variations of the Standard Ukuleles

Aside from the standard and the hybrid ukuleles, there are a lot of other kinds of ukuleles that you might be interested in. Due to different demands, there are many body distinctions on the traditional soprano ukulele and etc. Each body type of the ukulele can also be altered and it ultimately depends on the preference of the buyer. Variation of standard ukuleles may include ukuleles which are varied in body shape such as the cutaway ukulele or the pineapple ukulele. There are also ukuleles which have more strings like the 8 stringed ukuleles. Some other variations of standard ukuleles includes the piccolo/sopranino ukulele and the electric ukulele.

Geelong First Aid: A System you can trust

Have you ever wondered how you can improve the Safety, Health and Environmental conditions at home or at work? Do you know that you do not need to break the Bank to create a workable system? There has been a clarion call to ensure that global best practices become a part of our daily living. As far as Medical help is concerned, Geelong First Aid classes remain a sure bet to put you in good stead in the face of an emergency. The training is uniquely designed to fit in to your schedule and they are highly affordable. The upbeat approach to instilling good first aid methods is full of sheer excellence.

Why the need for a First Aid training?
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What does this entail?
As long as you live, work or commute in the city of Geelong, there is a practicable way to attend the First Aid classes. It has a potpourri of trainings, timings and well equipped Staff to meet your needs. One of the major tenets that have been enshrined in the program design is that there is a strong assurance that you would get value for money. Also, the 21st Century realities have filled our lives with a very tight and busy schedule; the classes are designed to be a no-nonsense, straight to the point activity. You can pop in and get enriched whenever it bests suits you.

Who best falls into the category of Trainees for the Class?
Every individual who has breath in their nostril can benefit a lot from the Geelong First Aid trainings. It has been framed to capture the essence of prompt medical help/attention for both the young and old. Also, either as a corporate client or as an individual, there is a package of training design that best suits everyone. You now have the power to live a life full of zest as you attend the class. In the light of the realities of our cosmopolitan lifestyle, you would do yourself a world of good by upgrading your health information status. Do take advantage of this First Aid Training today.

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How Photo Booths Spruce Up the Event

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Changing Your Ukulele Strings

It’s easy to wear out ukulele strings, especially if you are new to the instrument and you have been playing it like a guitar. So when it’s time to change out those strings, turn to this handy guide to help your through the process.

Taking the Old String Off

You can’t put on the new strings until you’ve taken off the old ones, so we’ll start there.

You begin with the pegs at the end of the ukulele. Unwind them one by one to loosen the strings. Just turn them like a screw and they should open up the strings for you without much trouble. Once your string is loose enough, you can take it through the bridge hole.

Then you will have to undo the knot on the string. Once that’s undone, you can take it all the way off. Just do the same thing for all of the strings and you’re good to go.


Putting New Ones On

Now put the new string through the bridge hole. It doesn’t actually matter which end you put through. Just be sure to put your excess string on the head of the ukulele. Once it is through the bridge hole, you can tie the knot. You want to wrap it around the bridge as you tie it, and you can leave one of the old strings on to have a guide as to how the new ones should be tied.

Then you can turn the pegs until the holes line up with the ukulele. If you’ve turned them correctly, the holes should be facing toward both long ends of the instrument.

Now you want to pull the long end of the string into the hole. You can pull out about two or three frets worth to give yourself some winding space.

Once all that is done, you can wind the string around the tuning head. Then snip off any excess so your ukulele looks neat.

When to Change or Tune

There is not always a need to change the strings just because the ukulele is out of tune. Sometimes a quick tuning up is all you need. You can test the ukulele against a tuner to be sure. And often turning the pegs is enough to get it back into tune. If the problem keeps on, you may want to check the pegs to make sure they are screwed in tightly.

Otherwise, it may be time to change out the strings.

So how often will the string need to be changed out? The answer really depends on how often you play the ukulele. People who play them professionally may need to switch out strings every few weeks. But most people who just use the instrument as a hobby only need to do so every few months.

Just listen to your ukulele, and if it sounds like it needs some tuning, see if that’s all it really needs. If you keep it in good repair, it should always sound pristine.